Chicago Drug Rehab

Chicago drug rehab

Finding a quality Chicago drug rehab program or enrolling in a drug rehab program that is out-of-state can turn your life around and can give you back your freedom. The struggle with addiction is real, but it can be won. The best way to get free and stay sober is to seek professional but compassionate care at an outpatient or inpatient substance abuse center as soon as possible.

Addiction presents itself differently in people’s lives, and individuals may be addicted to heroin, opium, cocaine, LSD, alcohol or a variety of other drugs. No one is immune to drug addiction. Using a drug even for a short time can lead to dependency. Drug use is a tangled web that captures the unsuspecting, the curious and the hurting. While your addiction may have begun with experimentation or casual use, it isn’t as easy to stop an addiction as it is to start. It takes inner strength and determination to admit your need and to seek help.

Different types of drug addiction require different approaches in recovery, and we have access to the tools you need to defeat your addiction. We understand how challenging it can be to overcome substance abuse and to put your life back together. Substance abuse treatment offers men and women the opportunity to begin again and to mend broken relationships with loved ones, family members and employers.

Medically overseen detox

Drug or alcohol detox is the first step to recovery, and perhaps you have repeatedly tried and failed to detox on your own. It is profoundly different when you detox with medical supervision and care. Outpatient or inpatient drug abuse treatment will provide you with privacy as you detox comfortably with medical oversight. Detoxification is an important step and will remove the substance from your system. Non-addictive medications may be prescribed to keep the process as comfortable as possible and to alleviate possible symptoms of withdrawal.

The clinical services provided at an inpatient drug rehabilitation center in Chicago or a certified out-of-state drug rehab are tailored to address each person’s unique needs, including the care of dual-diagnoses. This type of need is assessed early, and a newly diagnosed mental health concern or the care of a prior diagnosed issue is combined with substance abuse treatment. The implementation of medication for the treatment of manic highs or lows, depression or other mental health issues is provided when needed.

You will be respectfully and compassionately overseen during the detox and recovery periods. Outpatient or inpatient drug abuse treatment is available. Both treatment options will provide you with privacy to detox comfortably under medical oversight. The detoxification process will be explained to you in further detail when you call (855) 204-7422 and speak to one of our detox specialists to learn more about overcoming addiction.

Inpatient drug treatment

Addiction treatment can provide men and women with a calm and peaceful atmosphere utilizing a high staff-to-client ratio to ensure that you receive the attention and care that you need at any time of the day or night during a 30-, 60- or 90-day inpatient drug treatment. Qualified counselors and doctors will support, encourage and guide you through your process toward lasting recovery.

Your recovery program will include training on healthy coping skills as well as stress and anger management. This training will help you to avoid relapsing in the future. Long-term sobriety is the goal, and learning coping skills empowers men and women to withstand addiction by implementing proactive choices during and after the program is completed. Inpatient treatment takes addiction seriously and can provide you with every tool needed to get and stay free from drug addiction. Inpatient care will remove you from potential triggers and prepare you to return to your prior life responsibilities.

Sober living homes may be recommended after your inpatient treatment and recovery. These homes provide a full-time follow-up residential option for men or women who have completed an inpatient treatment program. Residential homes in Chicago make the transition back into the workforce and daily activities easier. Strict regulations hold recovering individuals accountable as they come and go each day to attend work or school.

To gain the skills needed to get sober and stay drug-free, call (855) 204-7422 to find a drug abuse treatment program. A member of our team of rehab specialists will connect you with the right treatment.

How to plan for treatment

You may be worried about the financial cost of therapy. If medical insurance currently covers you, it may pay for your recovery. Our staff will also help you to find funding options. Your success matters to us, and we are experts in this area. We can point you in the right direction and help you to obtain a temporary leave of absence from work or school, establish temporary care for your children or pets, and set your finances in order so that you can focus on receiving the treatment that you need.

Our addiction specialists are available to help you find the right substance abuse treatment program. Call (855) 204-7422 today to gain freedom from addiction.

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