Chicago Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Chicago inpatient addiction treatment

Substance use disorder is a challenge that many people struggle with. Substances that have addictive qualities include alcohol, opiates and some prescription drugs. When taken in inappropriate amounts or more frequently than recommended by a medical professional, addiction could become a problem. Speak live with an addiction specialist today at (855) 204-7422 if you feel that you may be struggling with substance abuse. We’ll help you find drug and alcohol inpatient treatment that can help you recover from an addiction.

What does inpatient treatment offer?

Inpatient addiction treatment generally means that professionals who have been trained to care for people suffering from an addiction will provide medical attention, emotional support and a safe environment for beginning the road to recovery. If you or a loved one feels that you would benefit from round-the-clock attention and guidance as you manage substance use disorder, we’re able to assist you in finding the right drug abuse program.

Once you check in at a treatment facility, you will undergo a complete medical assessment. This will include telling the staff about your history of drug use. The type of drug you’re addicted to and the length of time you’ve been using will affect what type of treatment you receive at the facility.

The first phase of recovery at an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center is known as detoxification. Going through drug detox can be different for each person. This period of time is devoted to allowing the body to rid itself of the substances that have caused the addiction. The withdrawal process often accompanies this transition, which may be uncomfortable. However, you will be in the competent hands of professionals with the experience and skills to manage your symptoms. Depending on your substance abuse history, you may be given medications to ease the withdrawal process. We want to ensure that you’re in skilled and safe hands when starting drug addiction recovery or alcohol addiction recovery. Call (855) 204-7422 now to speak to a detox specialist learn what can be done to make you feel at ease while going through detox.

The importance of therapeutic support

When participating in inpatient drug rehab, you’re provided with more than just close monitoring for the physical effects of detox. Your psychological and emotional well-being are also taken into consideration. Therapeutic treatment allows you to gain an understanding of how your drug use evolved into an addiction. The attentive and supportive setting gives you the opportunity to learn how to cope with everyday life and how to repair damage that addiction has caused in personal and professional relationships. Once you’ve been through detox and gotten clean, professional counselors and therapists will give you the tools to stay sober even in the face of triggers.

This aspect of drug treatment is based on each individual’s needs. Some people may require help improving self-esteem while others will learn ways to stop destructive patterns that they weren’t even aware they had. The ultimate goal is to give you the means to reclaim a life that you want and avoid relapse. By taking a straightforward approach to discussing certain risk factors, you could enhance your ability to identify situations and behaviors that may be difficult for you to manage immediately following a drug treatment program. Therapeutic explorations can boost your confidence so that you can handle each challenge without being weak to craving or temptation. Part of recovery is being aware that addiction is pervasive, affecting your behavior, your relationships, your emotions, and the core of who you are and want to be. Thus, therapeutic and behavioral techniques can prove invaluable in helping you find the inner strength and motivation to stay on track with your health goals.

Speak to an addiction specialist today at (855) 204-7422 to learn more about the therapeutic approaches available to help you regain your confidence in a drug-free life.

What is a support system?

A support system is a network of friends, family and other resources that you can lean on during the recovery process. Even after inpatient substance abuse treatment has been completed, it’s important that support will still be available. From loving encouragement on your journey to comforting words on a bad afternoon, this system keeps your health goals in sight through tough times.

Following inpatient addiction treatment, checking into group therapy options may help you to continue and expand your realm of support. This provides you with the chance to share stories with others who may be in the same phase as you or to listen to and learn from others who have walked further down the path to recovery. Regardless of each person’s progress, you are likely to experience the feeling of being a part of a group with a common goal. The role that such a warm and compassionate support system can play has the potential to offer personal strength, encouragement and a safe place to vent frustration without concern for judgment. Group support programs in your area will help you make new friends and stay accountable for your sobriety.

The path to substance abuse recovery is available to residents of Chicago at any stage of addiction. Whether you’re concerned about your own misuse of prescription drugs over the past few months or you’ve decided it’s time for inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment because of years of abuse, our staff will take that first step with you. A treatment program for substance abuse will be tailored to meet your specific circumstances, and you’ll receive the care and personal attention you deserve. No one has to go through addiction treatment alone.

Call (855) 204-7422 now. Our Addiction Specialists are here for you as you take that important first step toward recovery, and we want to be one of the first resources you turn to for caring guidance.

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